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Dirksen Center

The Dirksen Congressional Center conducts programming in four areas: historical collections, research, education, and community service.

Through its research and educational programs, The Dirksen Congressional Center has an organizational commitment of long-standing to provide leadership in understanding Congress and its members and their role in the federal government. Two Center-sponsored grants programs support the work of others who share our interests.

For general information about preparing grant requests, please visit "What Grantmakers Want Applicants to Know." Not all the information posted there pertains to The Center's programs, but it is useful guidance.

The Dirksen Congressional Center sponsors two scholarship programs.

The Dirksen Center houses the papers, photographs, and memorabilia of former Senate Minority Leader Everett McKinley Dirksen, former House Minority Leader Robert H. Michel, and former Congressman Harold H. Velde. The Center's holdings also include over 70 other, mostly small collections, and more than 200 accessions. In September 2003, Congressman Ray LaHood selected The Center to be the repository for his papers, which will remain closed to researchers at this time.

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Dirksen Center Special Projects

Dirksen Center Special Projects is a series of multi-media projects rich in Web-based resources on a variety of topics from civil rights to editorial cartoons. We have posted them where it makes sense within our Web suite. But as the suite has grown, we suspect it has become more difficult to find these special projects.

To make them stand out, we have created the Dirksen Center Special Projects web page to host links to all our special projects listed below.